Port Coquitlam Orthodontist Dr. Terry Bianco (Dr. B)


Dental Health Month is here.  This is a great time of year to get organized and set personal goals – whether it is organizing your child’s first visit to your family dentist, or time to look in the mirror at your own smile to see if it is all you wish for.  I will be writing articles for The Now Newspaper  twice in Dental Health Month.  The first article appears this week, and the second, about the third week of April.

Spring at last – new products – MI Paste and Sonicare Brushes

How glad we were to enjoy a few sunny Spring days, and see new beginnings in the garden, as plants began to spring to life.  It was so good to embrace Spring, after all the sick bugs and dreary days of Winter.

For us, it also brought some interesting Continuing Education Lunches.  First, we met with a representative of GC America, and reviewed MI Paste, & MI Paste Plus (includes flouride), which is the latest technology for strengthening and protecting your teeth.  It is simple to use, as only a pea sized amount is applied to the teeth using your finger, cotton swab, or custom tray, and it is then spread with your tongue.  Regular use promotes stronger, healthier teeth, less chance of cavities, and greater oral soft tissue comfort.  It comes in a variety of flavours, and can be used from age 7 up.  People are using this product if – their teeth are sensitive, they take medication and their mouth is dry, they drink soft drinks or alcoholic beverages, they wear braces, are undergoing chemotheraphy, or often under stress, or want whiter teeth.   We also met with the Sonicare representative to review the newest products in their line of electronic brushes.  If you are having orthodontic work done, it is good to know that Sonicare has the highest rated product for cleaning teeth while undergoing treatment.  It is only available through dental professionals, and the kit comes with 5 brush heads to last through treatment.   Ask us if you are interested in knowing more about these products.

Roth Williams Study Group, San Francisco Presentation

I have been a contributing member of this exclusive orthodontic study group, as well as the Roth Williams International Society of Orthodontists,  for a number of years.   I was in San Francisco for February 24th – 26th, to give a presentation to the group on a complex case, involving a number of specialties, as well as the family dentist, to achieve the desired result.

Unfortunately, this commitment came at the same time as the Meadowridge School Gala, which we always love to attend, and for which we like to provide some sponsorship help.  This year’s theme was Alice Through The Looking Glass, and we can only imagine how wonderful the gym would have looked on the 26th February.  Everyone who works to put this event together, always does such a spectacular job.


“Rumours” by Neil Simon, is the fun filled production being presented by Archbishop Carney School, at the Terry Fox Theatre, from March 3rd – 5th.  We wish you all the very best for your success with “Rumours”, and are looking forward to enjoying an evening performance.  We are proud to help sponser this worthwhile event, into which so many people have put so much time and effort.


Enjoy some romantic time with that special person in your life, and also have a little fun with a special, thoughtful treat for your co-workers.  Our office treats were specially decorated chocolate covered strawberries, heart shaped cookies, and delicious chocolate heart truffles from Luscious Creations on McAllister Ave., Port Coquitlam.


Best wishes to St.Patrick’s School for their 17th Annual Trivia Night February 5th 2011.  We know this is a big important fundraiser for you.  To the winner of our Sonicare tooth cleaning system for children – Happy Check-ups at your family dentist’s office.

Brandee visits from Lethbridge, Alberta

We have all enjoyed a very interactive week, sharing memorable moments from the lives of both patients and staff.

One special memory this week, was a visit and lunch with Brandee, who was a member of our team a few years ago.  She fell in love with an Albertan.  We witnessed her marriage on a beautiful sunny day, on a Vancouver beach, and now she has a family of her own.  She works with a lucky dentist in Alberta.  I say lucky because Brandee is always full of life, and very outgoing, and only wants the best for her patients.  Every time she visits her parents in B.C., she sets aside special time to visit us.  Best Wishes from all of us in B.C., Brandee.

Many people enriched our lives this week, and we hope that we, in turn, made a very positive difference in their lives, especially when working on their individual designer smiles.

Christmas Contest and Airmiles

Everyone had fun with our Christmas Contest, and the winners have now picked up their gifts, and had their photos taken.  Answers to the contest, and pictures of winners are posted in the office until the third week of January.

At that time, our new display will be on the subject of Airmiles.  Yes, we give Airmiles.

There will be plenty of Airmiles information, including all the minor ways in which Airmiles can help in our daily lives.  If you are not saving for a trip, they can be used in many other ways – even for a family night out at the movies.  Airmiles collected from paid orthodontic treatment fees, can contribute to enjoyment for the entire family.

Young adults paying for treatment, including Invisalign, can even collect Airmiles towards items they want for their homes.

Come in and check out our Airmiles board.

A Year Ends – A New Year, Filled With Opportunity, Begins

This is a great time to wish everyone our very best wishes for 2011, the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.

We have returned from our end of year break, and are happily looking forward to helping each patient with their individual needs in achieving their designer smiles.

The end of 2010 was both rewarding and humbling for us.  Thanks to many wonderful patients, families, and dentists, we gratefully received kind words, cards, gifts and goodies.  A big “Thank You” for these, from our entire team.  Everyone took part in enjoying and sharing.

We are humbled by the families and dentists who choose to refer to our office for the treatment of friends, family members and patients.  Rest assured, each patient is welcomed and treated in the manner in which we would like our own loved ones to be treated.

Dr. B Launches First Website

In time to celebrate 30 years in the same Port Coquitlam location, Dr. Bianco is pleased to launch his first website.

Carefully crafted to provide accurate and useful information for patients, this new website is not only a useful information tool, it’s also a beautiful showcase for some of the amazing Orthodontic work Dr. Bianco has performed.

We hope you enjoy your visit and invite you to to browse the photos of our clinic as well as the photos of wonderful patient success stories found in the before and after pictures.