Port Coquitlam Orthodontist Dr. Terry Bianco (Dr. B)

Brandee visits from Lethbridge, Alberta

We have all enjoyed a very interactive week, sharing memorable moments from the lives of both patients and staff.

One special memory this week, was a visit and lunch with Brandee, who was a member of our team a few years ago.  She fell in love with an Albertan.  We witnessed her marriage on a beautiful sunny day, on a Vancouver beach, and now she has a family of her own.  She works with a lucky dentist in Alberta.  I say lucky because Brandee is always full of life, and very outgoing, and only wants the best for her patients.  Every time she visits her parents in B.C., she sets aside special time to visit us.  Best Wishes from all of us in B.C., Brandee.

Many people enriched our lives this week, and we hope that we, in turn, made a very positive difference in their lives, especially when working on their individual designer smiles.

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