Port Coquitlam Orthodontist Dr. Terry Bianco (Dr. B)

Christmas Contest and Airmiles

Everyone had fun with our Christmas Contest, and the winners have now picked up their gifts, and had their photos taken.  Answers to the contest, and pictures of winners are posted in the office until the third week of January.

At that time, our new display will be on the subject of Airmiles.  Yes, we give Airmiles.

There will be plenty of Airmiles information, including all the minor ways in which Airmiles can help in our daily lives.  If you are not saving for a trip, they can be used in many other ways – even for a family night out at the movies.  Airmiles collected from paid orthodontic treatment fees, can contribute to enjoyment for the entire family.

Young adults paying for treatment, including Invisalign, can even collect Airmiles towards items they want for their homes.

Come in and check out our Airmiles board.

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