Port Coquitlam Orthodontist Dr. Terry Bianco (Dr. B)

Spring at last – new products – MI Paste and Sonicare Brushes

How glad we were to enjoy a few sunny Spring days, and see new beginnings in the garden, as plants began to spring to life.  It was so good to embrace Spring, after all the sick bugs and dreary days of Winter.

For us, it also brought some interesting Continuing Education Lunches.  First, we met with a representative of GC America, and reviewed MI Paste, & MI Paste Plus (includes flouride), which is the latest technology for strengthening and protecting your teeth.  It is simple to use, as only a pea sized amount is applied to the teeth using your finger, cotton swab, or custom tray, and it is then spread with your tongue.  Regular use promotes stronger, healthier teeth, less chance of cavities, and greater oral soft tissue comfort.  It comes in a variety of flavours, and can be used from age 7 up.  People are using this product if – their teeth are sensitive, they take medication and their mouth is dry, they drink soft drinks or alcoholic beverages, they wear braces, are undergoing chemotheraphy, or often under stress, or want whiter teeth.   We also met with the Sonicare representative to review the newest products in their line of electronic brushes.  If you are having orthodontic work done, it is good to know that Sonicare has the highest rated product for cleaning teeth while undergoing treatment.  It is only available through dental professionals, and the kit comes with 5 brush heads to last through treatment.   Ask us if you are interested in knowing more about these products.

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