Who Can Benefit From Custom Sports Mouthguards?

There is a high risk of injury when no protection is worn for contact sports such as hockey, baseball, basketball, rugby and soccer. Non-contact sports can result in injuries, too, like skiing, skateboarding and cycling. Anyone who participates in these activities can benefit from the protection of mouthguards.

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Types of Mouthguards

There are a number of different types of mouthguards available in stores. These mouthguards can vary in price, fit, durability and quality. The problem is that a mouthguard that does not fit properly simply does not work to protect your mouth. Mouthguards that are not durable will not be strong enough when you need it, and if it is of poor quality, it will need replacing more frequently.

The only way to enjoy the best protection is to have a custom mouthguard correctly fitted, of superior quality, and durable enough to last.

Have a Look at some Custom Sports Mouthguards We've Created for Some of Our Patients and Their Sports Teams.

Custom Mouthguards

How Can I Get A Custom Sports Mouthguard?

Simply call our Port Coquitlam orthodontic office for an appointment at (604) 941-0111. Dr. Bianco will check your mouth to make sure there are no oral interferences to having a custom mouthguard made for you. An impression is then taken of your teeth. Next, we pour plaster models of your teeth in our in-house lab and a mouthguard is made that's uniquely your own. When your mouthguard is ready, only a short visit is needed to ensure a correct fit. We will provide a special case in which to keep it, along with instructions on how to keep it clean and fresh.

Do I Have To Be An Orthodontic Patient To Get A Custom Sports Mouthguard?

No, we make mouthguards for anyone, children, teens and adults, whether they are involved with orthodontic treatment, or not.

Can We Get Custom Sports Mouthguards As A Team, Or In A Group?

Yes, we make special arrangements for groups or teams to come in together for group appointments. We arrange for parents to be comfortable with light refreshments, and in cool weather our fireplace will be on, providing a comfy place to sit with a magazine. We can even further customize the team mouthguards using special colours and logos.

View our Why Mouthguards? brochure for more information, or
Visit the American Association of Orthodontists for Facts About Kids and Sports Safety.

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"To anyone out there, if you need any type of orthodontic treatment this is the one you want to do the treatment because myself and my daughter have a life long smile and our thanks to Dr. Bianco's talents."

- Angela K.

"I am so very grateful to each and every one of you. My son, Chris has great looking teeth, thanks to you people. May all of your patients be filled with the happiness you have given me and my son. I am truly thankful to have you all in my life."

- Judy D.

"Everyone is extremely friendly at Dr. Bianco's workplace. Even though I have to wear retainers everyday – I don't mind at all because my retainers have a zebra pattern on it and it looks extremely cool! Thank you for all your help and these memories."

- Hannah W.