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Roth Study Club International Annual Meeting – Chicago

Chicago was the central location chosen for the prestigious Roth Study Club International Annual Meeting, (May 18-19th 2011) as it is attended by delegates from many parts of the world – Japan, Korea, Chile, Uruguay, Canada, Mexico, and  U.S.A. A memorable quote from Ron Roth … Continue reading

I Have Crooked Teeth And A Bad Bite. Where Do I Find The Solution?

Curiously your general dentist may have discovered the problem when you were seen at a regular appointment, or you may have noticed something different with the appearance of your teeth. “Where do I proceed from here?” Firstly, a dental specialist … Continue reading

Compliance Is The Key To Creating A Great Smile

Co-operation between the orthodontist and patient during orthodontic treatment is a key component in being able to achieve a favourable final result. The patient has to accept the responsibility of their problem and be willing to make a commitment to … Continue reading