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Dental Health Month is here.  This is a great time of year to get organized and set personal goals – whether it is organizing your child’s first visit to your family dentist, or time to look in the mirror at your own … Continue reading

Spring at last – new products – MI Paste and Sonicare Brushes

How glad we were to enjoy a few sunny Spring days, and see new beginnings in the garden, as plants began to spring to life.  It was so good to embrace Spring, after all the sick bugs and dreary days of … Continue reading

Roth Williams Study Group, San Francisco Presentation

I have been a contributing member of this exclusive orthodontic study group, as well as the Roth Williams International Society of Orthodontists,  for a number of years.   I was in San Francisco for February 24th – 26th, to give a presentation to … Continue reading


Enjoy some romantic time with that special person in your life, and also have a little fun with a special, thoughtful treat for your co-workers.  Our office treats were specially decorated chocolate covered strawberries, heart shaped cookies, and delicious chocolate heart … Continue reading

Brandee visits from Lethbridge, Alberta

We have all enjoyed a very interactive week, sharing memorable moments from the lives of both patients and staff. One special memory this week, was a visit and lunch with Brandee, who was a member of our team a few … Continue reading

Christmas Contest and Airmiles

Everyone had fun with our Christmas Contest, and the winners have now picked up their gifts, and had their photos taken.  Answers to the contest, and pictures of winners are posted in the office until the third week of January. At that … Continue reading

A Year Ends – A New Year, Filled With Opportunity, Begins

This is a great time to wish everyone our very best wishes for 2011, the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. We have returned from our end of year break, and are happily looking forward to helping each patient with their … Continue reading

Dr. B Launches First Website

In time to celebrate 30 years in the same Port Coquitlam location, Dr. Bianco is pleased to launch his first website. Carefully crafted to provide accurate and useful information for patients, this new website is not only a useful information … Continue reading