Port Coquitlam Orthodontist Dr. Terry Bianco (Dr. B)

Roth Study Club International Annual Meeting – Chicago

Chicago was the central location chosen for the prestigious Roth Study Club International Annual Meeting, (May 18-19th 2011) as it is attended by delegates from many parts of the world – Japan, Korea, Chile, Uruguay, Canada, Mexico, and  U.S.A.

A memorable quote from Ron Roth is: “Excellence is what it is all about.”  He devoted his life to the pursuance of excellence in how orthodontics could function at its highest level, looking for what would bring his patients a longer lasting, stable treatment result, and an improvement in their future.  In other words, tooth alignment integrated with the function and harmony of the jaw.

This meeting was well worth attending and presentations proved to be world class.  While there are extra procedures and care needed in our treatment philosophy, it is all worth it because it is the patient who receives the benefit – and that is why we are here to pursue excellence for our patients.

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